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Why Mirrorless Camera Can Change The Future of Photography?

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Every year the market share of Mirrorless Camera is going up. The gap between Mirrorless and DSLR market share is shrinking as per the CIPA report.

Nikon has joined this race of new technology of Mirrorless through its Z series. Sony surprised many photographers couple of years back by launching the first Mirrorless camera. Fujifilm, Canon, Panasonic have already launched their Mirrorless camera.

We are living in a century which is witnessing the highest level of invention in technology. Now, there is a Mirrorless camera which is at the level of infancy. But, it has the potential to change the future of photography. Maybe, APS-C DSLR will be an obsolete gadget ten years down the line.

What Makes Mirrorless Camera Different From DSLR?

There are three major features which separate Mirrorless camera from the range of DSLRs. Mirrorless does not have a mirror system.

Engineers advanced the mechanism of view finder to take away the mirror from the camera. Taking away the mirror resulted in designing the camera more compact and portable.

They came up with the idea of inventing Electronic View Finder (EVF). Previously embedded view finder in DSLR is known as Optical View Finder.

1. EVF Changes The Way You See:

EVF makes Mirrorless camera more easy to use than OVF. You see the live preview of the scene. You get all the maximum readings within the view finder. If you see the live preview is dark (underexposed) then you can play with aperture, shutter or ISO and fix the exposure.

mirrorless camera

EVF shows the changes in the scene according to the settings which you don’t see in OVF. You only see the changes in terms of readings and numerical numbers with OVF. The OVF does not bother professional photographers because they are used to it. But it is a great tool for amateurs.

2. Mirrorless Cameras Have Silent Shutter:

Mirrorless does not create any shutter sound at the time of making photos. There is an option to quite the sound in DSLR but there is a sound. Nikon D850 has the silent shutter option but not every DSLR does have it.

In case of Mirrorless cameras, there is a sound of shutter but you can choose the option to make it silent.

It is a great tool for wildlife photographers, wedding photographers, street photographers or event photographers.

Silent shutter is also for those amateurs who are not well trained to make wildlife photos without disturbing the wildlife.

Street photographers always suggest that avoid disturbing the street life to make great shots. You can also make hip shots with silent shutter option.

There are speech ceremonies from public figures in august gathering. It is always wise not to create any sound while making the photos of ceremony. This feature of killing the sound of shutter is a great tool in Mirrorless.

There is one more factor which is very minimal in its gravity. The life of the shutter goes down with every photo you make.

There are online web portals which offer the services to count the shutter of the DSLR. Last year, Nikon D750 faced the shutter issues.

Nikon requested all the photographers to bring Nikon D750 at their service centers. One of my photographer friends also got his Nikon D750 fixed during that time. I know, it is a rarest of the rare cases. But Mirrorless does not have shutter in that case.

3. Camera Portability:

Mirrorless cameras are not heavy comparing with DSLRs. They are compact in size. Those who say that it is not a major factor, market trends show some different results. 

May be weight issue is only considered by landscape or wedding photographers. But size is always a matter of concern for every photographer.

The camera bag and store room has limited space. Every photographer struggle with saving and managing the space for camera gadgets. More portability and small size in the gadgets makes photographer more efficient to move around.

How Camera Portability Has Been A Game Changer?

Camera portability is one of the other factors which has always changed the photography. The day camera was embedded with the phone, it changed the whole market of photography. Nobody could have thought camera and phone together in their dreams. 

Camera became portable with smartphone. All the smartphone companies claim the better picture quality and camera control. It is one of the most talked about selling tip in smartphone industry.

There is a camera in the phone that is why there are so many smartphone apps which do exist. Take away the camera from smartphone and many app will take their last breath overnight.

The portability of the camera makes smartphone more smarter and a big hit in the market.

Leica I Became Most Sought After Camera Around 1940s

The first Daguerreotype camera was a Camera Obscura in 1839. The Daguerreotype was close to a similar size of an office document-archive box massively heavy.

Peter Coeln, the CEO of WestLicht Photographica Auction Vienna, with the Giroux Daguerreotype up for auction (2010). Image by Westlicht Auctions.

It was close to 50kg (110lbs) with all its accessories. The drawbacks of the Daguerreotype soon became visible to the photographers. One of the major issues was its portability.

Leica was first made public at the Leipzing Spring Fair in 1925. It had a fixed 50mm lens. It was an expensive camera costing US$114 (US$3,000 today). Leica still has an expensive range of cameras.

The key change came around 1940s. This new 35mm light weight Leica transformed the possibilities in whole photographic industry.

An early Leica I with Elmar 50mm f/3.5 lens.

Photojournalists loved the portability of this camera. Leica enabled photographers to work with mobility and holding the camera at eye level.

It became a tool to bring the reality from war zones. Leica played a crucial role in documentary photography and street photography as well. Read about the history of Leica at Shutterbug.


We agree or disagree but stats are producing different results. Every year the market share of Mirrorless is going up.

The gap between Mirrorless and DSLR market share is shrinking as per the Camera And Imaging Products Association (CIPA) report. Read the post by DigitalTrends about Mirrorless camera gaining the momentum in market share.

Mirrorless is the technology of making the camera more portable without disturbing the image quality. 

We might see in future the high end range of ISO along with more sensitive sensor in Mirrorless and wider range of compatible lenses.

The great inventions had been done to minimize the physical labor and efforts. The efficiency to work with less physical efforts has always been a decisive factor to gain momentum.

What do you think about Mirrorless camera? Give your feedback in the comment box. We will add your opinion in our next blog.

We will write a separate post for Mirrorless camera’s advantages and disadvantages. Stay connected with us through our social networks. We will be posting more content related to photography.

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Siddharth Malkania is a journalism graduate from Indian Institute of Mass Communication. Having worked as a photojournalist for two years, he traveled to Tokyo, Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam to brush up his skills of photography. Currently, He is a professional photographer based in New Delhi, India.

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