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Indian Candid Wedding Photographer Siddharth Malkania

Every wedding is always special and it creates lifetime memories. You see Indian weddings and what comes across in your mind is Rituals, Ceremonies, Colors, Friends, Relatives and candid stories. Wedding photographers keeps it alive in your wedding album. On the special day of your wedding, gift yourself an artist who captures stories and not just moments, who lets you be in the moment the way you are and yet brings the best of you in your pictures.

Indian Wedding photography has come of age from the traditional style to the modern Indian candid wedding photography. You are unique! You are special. Let you be portrayed just as you. Create your own candid wedding photography album, candid pictures you like, moments you love. Siddharth Malkania has been a photo journalist with a special eye to capture emotions and dreams. He is the best Indian candid wedding photographer who documents weddings in a photo-journalistic style. His lens knows his master and can find the veiled romance in your glance and your essence of coming into a new relation with your partner.

 Indian candid wedding photographer indian candid wedding photographer indian candid wedding photographer

Indian Candid Wedding Photography: Most sought after style

Life never takes place as you plan it. It is always so candid that we don’t even realize that we create our own story every day but we don’t capture it. Thanks to selfie trend that you capture every day story but it is difficult to do it on your wedding day. You need your candid wedding story to be captured as real as it takes place. The Economic Times article talks about Indian candid wedding photographers – “Almost every wedding photographer advertises herself/himself as a ‘candid’ wedding photographer, though only a fraction of the photographs displayed on their website seem unscripted.”

Candid wedding photography is about real moments, real stories. No more fake poses, fake smiles and awkward filmy expressions. Your album is going to be a true reflection of the real you. You have witnessed the Indian wedding photography of your friends or relatives. When it comes to your wedding, you want it special, you want to preserve every single moment. That is possible through passionate Indian candid wedding photographer.

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Candid wedding photography is all about moments which cannot be anticipated, which cannot be controlled. The moments cannot be the same in every wedding. It is all about emotions. We human beings are made of emotions and we never express our emotions in a same manner. You need an artist who is engrossed in your story and have an eye which can capture such stories and express it with real touch.

Just like my last shoot’s Bride Sukriti puts it: “During my entry into the wedding venue, my siblings were cracking jokes on ‘how a bride should look shy?’ and on the contrary how I looked ‘too chirpy to be a bride’! During the time I stepped up the stage – I was thinking to myself, if it’s really, really happening for real. I looked into his eyes and he held my hand…Yes! It was happening…It was real. Real things are felt…” – Thank you Siddharth you made me feel that I was a special bride.

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No Photoshop Manipulation!

Recently, We have equipped ourselves with Hollywood lights and all Nikon made lenses. We are the first one to use hollywood lighting effects in wedding photography here in India. We create images within the camera with best composition. No Photoshop manipulation is required.

Our Photography Style

Our style is best described as emotional, atmospheric and nostalgic. We work in a flow of moments and unfold stories having minimal posed-shots.

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