types of indian wedding photography

Types of Indian Wedding Photography Services and Styles

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Do you know these types of indian wedding photography services which you are going to hire?

You are getting hitched in this wedding season. Probably, you must be having word with wedding photographers. They offer you many types of wedding photography services.

It is difficult to understand the offered services and products. There are several wedding photography services. But I have picked up the categories which are offered mostly here in India.

1. Traditional Wedding Photography:

Traditional wedding photography does exist from the time immemorial. It is the one which you have witnessed since your childhood.

Guests are photographed with straight shoulders away from the lens and head to head. People are posed and moments are re-created.

types of indian wedding photography

This method was adopted widely and followed as tradition. It is also about documenting your wedding but more in a controlled way.

The final product i.e. the photo album is not much different from the other weddings. Yes! the design and color correction gives a fine touch.

2. Candid Wedding Photography:

You can find blogs and articles on almost every candid wedding photographer’s webpage about candid wedding photography. Everyone has explained it in its own way.

No doubt! It is the most advanced way to capture weddings. Candid photography offers a wider range of photos. It depends upon the individual photographer that how he/she executes the ideas.

types of indian wedding photography

types of indian wedding photography

However, There are two major approaches in candid photography. The first is photo-journalistic/street photography approach and second is Directorial approach.

Under photo-journalistic or street photography, the photographer captures the moments without disturbing its subject.

Many wedding photographers give direction to their subjects. The directed shot does not look like posing. A good candid wedding photographer merges these two approaches in his/her style. Though, posing is a complete different science in itself.

3. Traditional Videography:

It is about filming every bit of moment in your wedding. Traditional videography went hand in hand with your traditional still photography. It is a method of continuous shooting.

Your two or three days’ events are filmed. Having filmed your wedding, the entire raw footage is dumped into machines at editing studios.

Photographers send the complete data of around 10-15 GB for your approval. Once, you give your approval with some changes, the final film gets ready. It is also a tiresome work because of its continuous mode of shooting.

4. Wedding Cinematography:

It is about making a cinema by casting the bride and groom as a main lead character. The story revolves around the couple and the other important characters in wedding.

It is nothing short of creating a Bollywood movie. The high end gadgets and equipments are used for giving a cinematic effects. Editors buy dedicated music tracks for your wedding cinematography.

In fact, there is a lot of post-production work for cinematography. Editing is the core strength of the entire film to bring stunning results.

If the editing is not good, the final outcome will not be up to the mark. That’s why, It is expensive comparatively to the traditional videography.

The average time of the final product is 25-30 minutes. The average trailer of the same is 1:45 – 2:30 minutes. It is kind of a product which you want to watch again and again. Every time you enjoy watching it.

5. Drone Photography:

I first came across of this small unmanned aircraft in 2010 Defense Expo at New Delhi. Though, it was there in news already.

I tried the new small compact size of drone five years back. It was purely for the army. The success of drone has reached the great heights.

drone wedding photography india

types of indian wedding photography

These days, drone captures breath-taking views from a different perspective. It has entered into weddings also.

Now, you can have a bird-eye view of your events and its activities which normally used to go unnoticed.

Camera Crane:

It is not a style of photography in itself. Many couples keep asking, whether they should choose drone or camera crane with dolly?

That’s why, I am mentioning it here. The crane is an extension to the reach. The tripods and the long jibs are screwed together with the camera.

This set-up helps in covering the high perspective above your head. It closes up to the subject in the same time. It has a limited reach in comparison to drone.

camera crane indian wedding


One camera man operates the camera crane from the dedicated area. The crane captures the activities within its diameter. The one videographer is able to capture all the activities in its vicinity.

camera dolly indian wedding photography

camera dolly

The another machine is known as dolly which gives it more flexibility to move around. The camera crane with dolly moves in closer to the activities within the filming area.

It helps in synching the movement between camera and subject. The dolly gives an actual movement to the camera. It seems that couple is traveling with the camera smoothly.

Pre Wedding Photography:

It is difficult to get a personal photo shoot on wedding day among hundreds of guests. Couples want a personal space for photos. The idea of Pre-wedding photography has served this purpose.

pre wedding photography

It is an engagement session prior to the couple of months from wedding day. It has been a common add-on service to the wedding packages.

Couples get the opportunity to know the professionalism of the photographer through this engagement session. This session also helps the photographers to build a rapport with their clients.

Photographers also get the idea of knowing the best profile view of the couples. Engagement or pre-wedding session supports the photographers to produce better results on wedding day.

In Urban areas, internet has exposed the young generation to the ideas of West. Couples adopted this idea of engagement session from there. Photographers also started selling this idea to the couples.

But, Indians already have a dedicated day to Ring/Engagement ceremony in weddings. To avoid the confusion, the new term as pre-wedding photo shoot evolved through the idea from the West.

Read here the tips for booking pre wedding locations!

You have heard about any other wedding photography services and you want more information on that? Ask in the comment box below.

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Siddharth Malkania is a journalism graduate from Indian Institute of Mass Communication. Having worked as a photojournalist for two years, he traveled to Tokyo, Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam to brush up his skills of photography. Currently, He is a professional photographer based in New Delhi, India.

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