tips for booking pre wedding photo shoot locations

Tips For Booking Pre Wedding Photoshoot Locations

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There Are Limitations and Scopes Of Pre wedding Photoshoot Locations

Pre wedding photography is an engagement session. It is organized couples of months before from the final day. We talked about its scope in our last blog. Our last blog on pre wedding was “What is a pre wedding photography?”.

Pre wedding photography is a separate service. It is an add-on service to the wedding package. Almost every couple wants to have a pre wedding photo shoot on locations.

The locations are free and paid too. It is always difficult to select and book pre wedding location. Every pre wedding location seems nice. But, there are technical challenges on pre wedding photoshoot locations.

These limitations and scopes are overlooked. You must prepare a checklist before paying a visit to pre wedding photo shoot locations.

I have tips for you in finalizing the locations. Follow these tips for booking pre wedding photoshoot locations. I also keep these pointers in my mind before any pre wedding photoshoot.

I am sure, these tips for booking pre wedding photo shoot locations will help you to make your pre wedding shoot a great success:

Tips For Free Photoshoot Locations:

The concept of pre-wedding photoshoot have evolved completely. There are free outdoor locations to have a pre-wed shoot. Consider these tips for such locations:

  1. Pick public locations for shoot on wee hours if you are not carrying different dresses.
  2. Otherwise, have a pre wed shoot for two or more days with several combinations of attires.
  3. These free to go places get busy with people around the corner.
  4. Get your wish-list for the shots and discuss it with your photographer. It saves time and you can wrap up the shoot fast.
  5. Wake up early and reach to the location before sun rise. The shoot on outdoor locations goes well during early hours in the morning. The raw feeling of such places gives an intense look to the photos.
  6. Urban cities are bustling at seams. Issues like changing dress and permission to shoot persist in such cities. That is why, The paid locations are there to keep pre-wed shoot hassle free.


tips for booking pre wedding photoshoot locations

Location: Rajpath, India Gate, Delhi

tips for booking pre wedding photoshoot locations

Location: Lodhi Garden, Delhi

tips for booking pre wedding photoshoot locations

Paid Location: Photo Rachna

There Are Paid Photoshoot Locations For Pre Wedding:

The paid locations for theme based shoots are mushrooming in and around urban cities. Couples feel more relaxed and comfort on these locations.

They get the make-up room, make up artist and a space for changing attire. The props, vintage car, bicycle rides are available at locations with no extra cost.

tips for booking pre wedding photoshoot locations

Paid Location: Love City, Alipur Village, Delhi

tips for booking pre wedding photoshoot locations

These locations have come out of the womb of traditional style photo studios. There used to be one room studio with backdrops. You must have been to such photo studios in your school days.

These photo studios have now taken a shape into huge farms. These farms are big enough for photoshoots. There are well-constructed back drops with actual bricks and walls.

These paid locations give an ambiance close to forest, camping, beach or European architecture like Greece or street of Barcelona or Paris.

People get the real look and feel of these destinations in the photoshoot. Go through the below given tips for booking pre wedding photoshoot locations:

Tips For Booking A Paid Location:

  1. You must pay a visit to the locations before booking the dates for your pre wedding photoshoot.
  2. The backdrops should have a depth. There should be a breathing space to move around for photographer. This aspect is very important.
  3. What about the sun-light? Whether you can get sun-rise or sun-set? If yes, then you will have a natural silhouette shots.
  4. Whether the backdrops are graffiti on the boundary wall or a proper structure? If it is a graffiti/paint on the boundary wall, then you may get flat sunlight on backdrops.
  5. How many slots are there on your booking date? These locations have too many photographers on weekends or public holidays. Support staff get busy, and you waste your time in waiting.
  6. Costume is very important. It is your part to arrange the best fit for you. Every body type is good if you carry it gracefully. Figure out your body type and must select the shoes which fit for your body shape and weight.
  7. Every one knows the best profile side of his/her face. Thanks to the selfie trend these days for such exploration. Don’t forget to share your best profile with your photographer before the shoot.
  8. If manager of the location has a know-how of photography, It would be an added advantage. The caretaker or manager spends more time on location than any photographer. He/she can understand the gravity of the ideas for your shoot.
  9. You must start working out physically before the photo shoot. Just eat right thing at the right time and eat something with in every 3 hours. The healthy skin is a bliss for any photo shoot. Follow these tips to get healthy and glowing skin before your pre wedding or wedding shoot.

tips for booking pre wedding photoshoot locations tips for booking pre wedding photoshoot locations tips for booking pre wedding photoshoot locations tips for booking pre wedding photoshoot locations

Location: Photo Rachna

Charges for Pre Wedding Photoshoot Locations:

The prices of the paid locations vary from 10k to 15k including make-up room and props. You pay based on number of hours.

They have packages for 6 hours, 8 hours and 10 hours. You have to place order for your meal by yourself.

The most sought after paid locations for pre wedding photography in Delhi NCR:


Post has been written with no endorsements by any paid locations of pre wedding photography. Feel free to give your feedback or ask for any query related to your shoot.

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