wedding uplift your social status in india

Does Wedding Uplift Your Social Status In India?

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Have you ever thought about why do you keep seeing wedding photos in your social feed? Marriage laws are deep rooted in Indian culture. Getting married and making them viral is more about gaining social status now. Does wedding uplift your social status in India? Many of us believe that It does!

Indian weddings are not the same as it used to be in 80s or 90s. With in last one decade, the entire Indian wedding industry has changed drastically.

In the recent years, there has been a rapid growth in online Indian wedding planners and photographers. Even foreign wedding planners and photographers are entering into Indian market. There primarily focus is to lure the customers through social media.    

The weddings are showcased online to inspire the prospective customers and that’s a great practice. While technology is on its peak, Indian wedding market is offering several new products to the customers. 

Why Social Media Never Misses A Wedding?

Well, we all are driven by social comparisons. Our social behavior keeps changing. Changes in social behavior is easy to track online. We have more freedom now to make choices in the consumer market. 

Famous American Psychologist Barry Schwartz has developed a whole theory on choices we make in everyday life. The more choices we have in the market, the more vulnerable and confused we are.

The information keeps hitting us through the internet. This information from the internet draws social comparisons. The status gets built in these comparisons. It is one of the key aspects for making choices in a social world.

wedding uplift your social status in india

Recently, Internet exploded with a hashtag VirushkaWedding. The wedding of famous personalities — Virat And Anuska

When you choose to tie the knot, the decisions are influenced by social comparisons. Now, it is advertised that buying a ‘cheap’ or ‘expensive’ bridal lehanga (attire) affects your social status.

Celeb wedding photos make headlines about their wedding venue, the expensive attire and wedding theme. It seems that booking a grand wedding venue gives a sudden boost in the social status. Wedding is becoming more of gaining connections and statuses now.

It is a height of advertisement that a complete package of reality show is telecasted now. In which, a famous designer gives a make-over to a middle class bride. The wedding of the bride is showcased as a fairy-tale. In reality, it is a well designed package of a advertisement for a designer, a make-up artist, beauty products and a photographer.

As long as it is related to consumerism, all is well. But, all these trends teach you to care more about your status. Every pretentious wedding photo popping up online is drawing a comparison of social statuses.

The comparisons are endless. You end up having legitimate reasons for believing that no matter how much you spend on your wedding, it might not be enough.

Modus Operandi of Wedding Planners In India:

The list of the online Indian wedding planners is getting long these days. There is a race to be on the top of the list. Because, society has taught us that success is built on somebody else’s unsuccessful events. This race has forced wedding marketers to change its modus operandi now.

The online wedding planners have hunger for the content in the form of photos. They fetch the photos from make-up artists, mehandi (henna) artists, photographers, wedding venue vendors etc.

The vendors who do not have their own webpage or IT team, keep providing them the content. The wedding planners keep pushing the vendors to send fresh content for every season. In return, they promise the vendors for providing them the client.

I receive many phone calls from online wedding planners. Every time they promise me to provide clients. When I start shooting the questions, the caller does not have the reasonable answers on my queries. 

One caller even crossed the limit of inducement and offered me a free designed website. The caller was waiting for a wow response from my end. But, the caller did not even check my credentials that I already owned a website.

There are reasons why I love to be in touch with my readers directly. It gives more freedom to my readers for shooting direct questions and brings satisfaction at both ends.

The Rat Race For Sharing The Wedding Photos:

For instance, a wedding takes place and a photographer or newly wed couple updates its shoot online. The race to grab this content begins.

No wonder, rat is the only creature which hoards the stuff more than its hunger. Every wedding planners’ Instagram feed starts circulating the same content with different tag lines.

One Indian bridal lehanga (attire) is ‘crazy’ on one Instagram account of wedding planner. The same bridal lehanga (attire) becomes ‘whimsical’ on another Instagram account.

Every wedding photo is laced with coined words like ‘cool ideas’, ‘unique theme’, ‘quintessential couple’, ‘magical wedding’, ‘dream beach’, ‘awesomeness of pheras’ (taking seven steps around the sacred fire). The whole bunch of different adjectives you can find with the same photo.

Photos of Indian destination weddings from Paris, Greece, Bali, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, Dubai keep popping up on social networks. I don’t know whether the land in India is shrinking or everyone is getting married outside India?

On the other hand, the natives from such countries land at the palaces of Rajasthan to get married. Then their wedding pictures run online as a wedding goals for customers. Goals for Indians to get married outside India and for foreigners to get married in royal palaces of Rajasthan.

The height of seduction has reached to another level. Recently, a photo of grand Mandap popped up on my Insta feed. It was a beautiful picture having a blue sky and skyscrapers of a foreign country in the background.

I looked at it for a while. In utmost surprise, I noticed that photo of the decked up Mandap was photoshopped.

In 2016, the famous Steve McCurry exhibited his work in Italy. His work was found photoshopped. People started looking at his previous work closely and found dozens of more images manipulated.

The whole photographer’s community raised serious questions about his previous award winning work. It was not acceptable by the photographers’ community.

Inducement is good to increase the market size. That’s why, there must be a competition out of such inducement. But, not at the cost of using unethical practices.

Does Wedding Uplift A Social Status In India?

The economist Robert Frank discussed a theory of ‘choosing the right pond’. Just imagine, we all live in one pond and compare our position to the positions of everybody else – all of us would be losers. Even sharks are small comparing to whales in the same pond.

So instead of comparing our social status with everyone else, we try to create our own pond and mark ourselves the most successful fish in it.

It is better to be a big fish in a small pond than a small fish in a big one. Marketers take benefits of this social behavior.

Every second, advertisements force you to compare your social status with everyone else in the society. They make you realize that you live in a big pond with everyone else. And your social status seems going smaller in size.

You start concerning about your social status. It becomes a rat race. Professor Barry tells that It is like being in a crowded soccer stadium. A spectator in the front row stands up to get a better view, and a chain reaction starts. Soon everyone stands on their feet but no one’s position improves. 

The Insatiable Hunger of Social Status:

There is a craving for new products in the market. When craving is not satisfied, there emerges a conflict. Craving never stops. It comes out of the hunger of the mind which is far greater than the hunger of the body. So no amount of wealth can satisfy the hunger of your mind. That’s why rich aspire to be richer.

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Siddharth Malkania

Siddharth Malkania is a journalism graduate from Indian Institute of Mass Communication. Having worked as a photojournalist for two years, he traveled to Tokyo, Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam to brush up his skills of photography. Currently, He is a professional photographer based in New Delhi, India.

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