photography equipment list for beginners

Digital Camera Photography Equipment List For Beginners

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Whichever camera you buy, you have to buy extra equipments for its protection and care. There are other important digital camera photography equipments for beginners. Without these accessories, your camera is always at risk. Every beginner in photography must have these equipments to avoid mishap.

The market of digital camera is growing. Previously, this market was limited to the professional photographers only because of the high price range. There are many digital cameras available in the market now.

The technological advancement and growing competition has lowered down the price of digital cameras.

Well, whichever camera you buy, you need basic accessories for its protection and care. Companies only provide a charger, USB cable, Eye cap for viewfinder, one battery and a compact camera bag.

Photography equipment list for beginners:


1. UV Filter:

photography equipment list for beginners

Market of DSLR filters is not small. There are filters for every kind. Filters help to play with the light. Light is the soul of photography. Some filters block the light, some fix the color tone of the ambience.

The most important is UV filter. It protects the lens from dust particles. Dust particles sometimes leave the scratch mark on the lens while wiping the dust off. UV filter bears the accidental impacts also. If accident happens, UV filter takes all the impact. 

photography equipment list for beginners

UV filter protects the lens from accidental damages.

Check the back side of the lens cap to know the filter size for the lens. Every lens has a different filter size.  

photography equipment list for beginners

I had wasted my money in several other brands of lens filters at initial stage. Though, they were not cheap. They were just a piece of glass. Hoya and Tiffen are the most reliable brand in filter market. They use well coated glass. Some Tiffen filters come with 10 years warranty.

2. Rocket Blower:

photography equipment list for beginners

I don’t like lens cleaning brushes. They leave scratches on lenses many times. It is not a wise thing to use cleaning brush on sensor also. The dust particles leave the mark on the lens in the process of wiping.

That’s why, I love rocket blower. It is always in my camera bag. I have seen that not many people carry this tiny magical thing in the beginning days of photography. One must carry it always.

There is no rocket science to use the rocket blower. If you see dust, just blow the dust off with rocket blower. It is the only great tool to clean the sensor with no possible damages.

3. Microfiber cloth:

photography equipment list for beginners

It saves your gadgets a lot. It is very helpful in wiping the camera screen; cleaning the filters and front lens.  You can use it for cleaning the mirror of the camera also. But, keep your microfiber cloth clean. If it is dirty, it can drop dust particles inside the camera.

4. Memory Cards:

photography equipment list for beginners

Buy some pro memory cards and some cheap cards also. Cheap cards save you in case you leave the pro cards at home or work station. The failure rate of pro memory cards is lower. These cards are also fast and responsive.

The digital cameras come with high megapixel value these days. The videos are also filmed on higher resolutions. Slow motion video takes heavy space and fills up the card very fast.

The crop cameras come with one card slot. In this case, you are expected to carry more than one memory card. Always buy cards built by Sony or Sandisk or Lexar or ProGrade. Ex-lexar executives have launched the ProGrade this year.

The word ‘professional’ is mentioned on the pro cards.  Check the ‘write and read speed’ of the card. Do not just rely on ‘write speed’. If the reading speed is slow, the camera will take time to fetch the data.

5. Gadget Organizer Bag:

photography equipment list for beginners

It is an essential accessory. I bought one gadget organizer bag. It took away my all the pain of managing stuffs. I lost memory cards and one lens cap before I had this organizer bag.

I suggest the Saco gadget organizer bag. It is not expensive. It has enough space to carry one hard drive, two extra batteries, four camera and lens cap, bunch of memory cards.

You can keep small torch and USB cables also in this bag. It is pretty handy and durable.

6. Tripod/Monopod/Stabilizer:

Tripod is not a must have thing until you are a landscape photographer. If you make photos of street life on your travel, you do not always need it.

The digital cameras come with high ISO range these days. You can make great photos during low light with high ISO range.

If you buy tripod, It should carry the weight of your camera including zoom lens. You must check how much weight it can carry with your zoom lens. You can buy one from Manfrotto. It is a good and affordable brand.

Monopod is a great thing to play with light. If you love to capture light paintings or light trails, monopod is your thing. You can use it to capture beautiful night life of a city with light trailing effects.

Handheld Stabilizers/Gimbals: In case you want to start a Vlog (video blogging) on YouTube, handheld stabilizer is very useful.

Handheld stabilizer or gimbals are picking up market rapidly because of Vlogging. They help you to shoot films or videos without shaking the footage. People shoot smooth videos even in slow motion effect with the help of gimbals or stabilizers.

7. Screen guard And Silicone Rubber Cover:

Get a screen guard on your camera LCD panel. DSLR screens are expensive and delicate. The way you get the screen guard for your cellphone, the same way you can get it done for your camera screen. You can avoid accidental scratches on the screen.

I found the silicone rubber cover very useful. You can buy it from Amazon here. It is specifically made for the camera models. It is carved out as per the design of the camera. 

photography equipment list for beginners

Check out the product details before buying. It should match the model of your DSLR camera. I have silicone rubber cover on my both the cameras. It helps to keep the dust away. You do not have to worry also if somebody holds your camera with dirty hands.

8. Silica Gel:

photography equipment list for beginners

It is a cheap and very helpful stuff. You buy your first digital camera intending to capture your travel moments. Once you come back from your trip, you download the images and keep the camera at a safe place.

May be, you travel next time after couple of months or a year. If there is a moisture in the air, the camera might catch the fungus, if it is not used for long time.

The silica gel is the enemy of the moisture. It does not let your camera catch the fungus. I always buy fresh packets of silica gel before rainy season.

Once the lens or the camera catch the fungus, It is difficult to get it removed from some area. Always buy silica gel and keep it in your camera bag.

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Siddharth Malkania is a journalism graduate from Indian Institute of Mass Communication. Having worked as a photojournalist for two years, he traveled to Tokyo, Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam to brush up his skills of photography. Currently, He is a professional photographer based in New Delhi, India.

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