Candid Wedding Photography

Indian Candid Wedding Photography is booming now!

The Economic Times article talks about true candid wedding photography – “Almost every wedding photographer advertises itself as a ‘candid’ wedding photographer, though only a fraction of the photographs displayed on their website seem unscripted.”

Indian Candid wedding photography is about real moments which cannot be anticipated, which cannot be controlled. The moments cannot be the same in every wedding. If you ever visit any Indian wedding, you might be well versed and must have overheard the conversations like: “Oh! Nothing is on its right place still…”, “How do I look now…does this stuff go well with my dress…?”, “Everyone is focused on fashion…who is going to offer offerings in the remembrance of your ancestors to seek blessings…?”. Everyone is focused is on its likes and interests among the busy schedule.

Cracking jokes, revisiting the memory lane, confessions and many promises in between the mad and chaotic rush. Everyone is trying to set up everything right, but there are two people who are left to paddle their own canoe of different thoughts having hesitation, nervousness and umpteenth questions. They keep trying to make the balance in between these feelings and excitements. Presenting, our very own bride and groom. The so-called ‘D-Day’ strikes and no matter how prepared the bride and groom are, the beautiful pinch of nervousness and anxiety can definitely be spotted on their faces. If the marriage is arranged, you are expected to begin and embrace a new transition of your life with someone you could not know well before. As you tie the knot, that ‘I’ and ‘Me’ would shortly turn to ‘Us’ and ‘We’ marking one of the biggest changes in one’s life.

Indian candid wedding photography Indian candid wedding photography Indian candid wedding photography

Get documented your wedding through candid wedding photography!

We human beings are made of emotions and we never express our emotions in a same manner. You need an artist who is engrossed in your emotions and have an eye to document your wedding with real touch. Even if the Indian wedding is love-arranged, the butterflies in the stomach don’t fall flat and they continue to excite and make you nervous. The life that begins after wedding is not what one can ever dream of? From late night phone calls to that goodnight kiss, everything changes and you become “Mr and Mrs.” From that first awkward ‘I Love you’ to ‘I do’ and ‘Pheras’, you both have come a long way and when the wedding happens, “Yes! It is real!” all strange feelings come over you and shower its special love upon you. This is where you would want to capture every memory of the biggest and the brightest days of your life and you would need a candid wedding photographer who can capture these special feelings and emotions. Someone who could capture moments into frames which you would want to cherish for rest of your lives.

Preserve your real moments through candid wedding photography!

Indian Candid wedding photography is about real moments, real stories. No more poses, fake smiles and awkward filmy expressions. Your album is going to be a true reflection of the real you. The person with whom you have cobwebbed your dreams of living together is going to be a part of your life in reality and you will cherish it till the last breath of your life. Your partner will have new authorities and duties now. In India, weddings are not only the affairs of sharing drinks, hugging and kissing but it is more than that. In both the situations, your heart starts dreaming overnight to live together for coming seven births even if it is a myth.