tips to get healthy skin before wedding

10 Tips To Get Healthy Skin Before Wedding

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Research says that it takes almost 21 days to bring change in your schedule or lifestyle. Follow these tips to get healthy skin before wedding day for at least 90 days to get the results.

Your ‘Look’ is very important in photography. Every one wants the best photos on their wedding day. Natural glowing face is the best thing one can have. A healthy skin glows itself and it needs no Photoshop.

Instead of getting fixed your looks with Photoshop, try these tips to get healthy skin before wedding day.

One of my clients in a meeting said “I am not here to compare my skin with the fairness shown in the advertisements. I am focusing on a healthy skin.”

Choosing spa sittings or following diet charts are one thing and having a healthy skin is another.

I am not a skin expert but the experts like Rujuta Diwekar also writes that you should focus on right eating habit on the right time with proper physical activities.

And you will see the great positive results. I always suggest my clients to read ‘Don’t lose your mind, lose your weight’ by Rujuta Diwekar.

You will realize that healthy lifestyle is the key to get nice looks and well-shaped body.

After all, it is your body and you have to live with it till the last breath of life so take care of it more than anything else.

Let’s read the basics of a better lifestyle:

1. Drink Water To Get Healthy Skin


tips to get healthy skin before wedding

Most of us know that Our body contains 70% water. But these days we consume less water because of our hectic schedule and dehydrate more.

Moreover, we store toxins and carbon particles in our body because of air pollution and unhealthy food. Drinking at least 3- 4.5 liter water in a whole day purge the toxins from body. It helps in glowing your skin naturally.

Interestingly, By consuming 4 liter of water in whole day sip by sip will help you in losing considerable weight over your belly.

You have to break this rule in one situation to get the positive results. You should not have water just after your meal.

Wait for at least 45 minutes! Once we finish our meal, the most of the blood is in our stomach to generate a heat which helps in digesting the food.

Immediately, drinking water after your meal cools down the digestion system. You must avoid ice creams or any cold stuff just after your meal.

Though, It is advisable to drink water at least 20 min. before your meal.

2. Green Tea/Herbal Tea is Good For Your Body And Skin


tips to get healthy skin before wedding

Green tea is in trend now. It is easily available at super markets. There are nice flavors in green tea like Rose, Mulethi, Pomegranate, Tulsi Tummy etc.

It is an excellent source of anti-oxidants which helps to fight against illness. 3 cup of green tea in a day increases your metabolism by 3%.

It also helps in burning 50-100 calories a day. You must have it with a Luke warm water and avoid adding the fake sugar otherwise it is not going to help you.

3. Meditation/Yoga Brings Glow On Your Face


tips to get healthy skin before wedding

The more we grow, the lesser oxygen we breathe in. On the top of it, We are habitual to consume soda drinks. With the course of time, the level of Oxygen goes down and CO2 level goes up in our body.

Ayurveda says that low level of Oxygen in your body is a major reason for all the health problems. Any kind of meditation or yoga practice in the morning helps you to breathe in more Oxygen.

Once the level of Oxygen is increased in your body, your skin will start getting healthy.

4. Nothing Beats Healthy Breakfast


tips to get healthy skin before wedding

Healthy breakfast is the essential task to follow. Healthy breakfast does not mean your plate is to be filled with lots of butter.

One should have all kinds of breakfasts. You should focus on the stuffs made with whole grain or a bowl of oat meal made with milk and topped with fruits and nuts or omelette with lots of green vegetables.

You must have seasonal fruits in your breakfast. It is hard to deny the fact that seasonal fruits are fresh and help to nourish your skin.

5. Don’t Let Yourself Go Hungry

You want to avoid deep fried stuff but you have it every time once you go hungry. The market is full of junk food because it does not take much time to cook.

Once we go hungry, we find less options to have healthy food outside home. In this case, you will have to plan it in advance. You don’t have to let yourself go hungry.

There should not be maximum more than 3 hour gap in your meal. Your immediate hunger makes you to have something which is available in the vicinity. And you end up having unhealthy food.

To avoid this gap, you can carry dry fruits, nuts, seasonal fruits or home made food if possible.

6. Avoid Raw Salt/Fake Sugar: Real Enemies


tips to get healthy skin before wedding

Fake sugar and raw salt are very unhealthy for our body which we consume without skipping a single day. The raw salt kicks in hypertension and high blood pressure.

It ruins your fruits and salad too. The amount of salt should be perfect at the time of cooking the food. It is said that our stomach does not know the taste of anything.

It is just the taste buds which control us. You want to improve your health then you must control your taste buds. It is not controlling but it is only shifting from one taste to another.

Consuming fake sugar in itself is enough to put on bad fat over the belly and chin. This fat from your chin and belly is very hard to burn.

Next time, you go for a shopping in super market, try to go through the ingredients of the product. You will be surprised to know that most of the products contain high amount of sugar.

It is said that sugar helps the packed products for not letting it go sour. But the degree of fake sugar in the packaged products are very higher.

The brands make you addictive to consume their products more and more with the help of adding sugar. On the top of it, you add more sugar while preparing your breakfast.

In the end, you just give up by thinking that my fat is determined to stay in my body.

Ayurveda says that the natural sugar in the fruits is not harmful for your body. Try to shift yourself from fake sugars to natural sugar.

You can add jaggery powder to your meal in place of white sugar. You will see the positive results very soon.

7. Eat Green Vegetables: Real Friends For Your Body and Skin


tips to get healthy skin before wedding

This is my favorite. Green vegetables contain lots of Oxygen and nutrients which is very helpful for your skin. You can add green vegetables to most of your meal.

It helps to strengthen your metabolism and fights against major health problems.

Green vegetables are great source of iron, calcium and protein also. If you are into strength training or meditation or yoga practices, It will help you to fuel your body.

Once your body has enough fuel, you can go for longer training sessions. Remember! Don’t over cook the green vegetables if you want to keep its nutrition value alive.

8. Early Dinner

Early dinner helps in losing weight. You are working hard for your gym or morning walk but because of your bad eating habit you tend to put on more weight. We should have dinner at least 2 hour before going to sleep.

Moreover, the digestion system gets slow in the late night. You should have early dinner. It will help you to strengthen the digestion system. Your skin will get healthy once you have good digestion.

9. Sleep Early

Staying up late is the worst habit in our lifestyle. This habit affects our body so badly that we hardly realize it. Even if we realize, we find difficult to change this habit.

We feel heavy head in the morning and decide again to sleep early. But the efforts go in vain every night.

To sleep early, we have to have early dinner. Early dinner will make you sleep early naturally. And you will get up early in the morning.

Your entire next day routine will not be screwed up. You will be able to have proper meal on time. It will help in nourishing your skin and health.

10.  Walking/Running Gives A Happy High


tips to get healthy skin before wedding

It is said that if you cannot do any physical activity then just walk. There is nothing better than walking. It helps in digestion. And your body gets used to some physical activity.

Brisk walk increases the supply of oxygen in your body and as I said earlier, the more oxygen you breathe in the more your skin gets healthy.

Walking also helps in shaping your body up. Try not to leave an opportunity for walking. You are not supposed to use stairs only in case of fire in the building!

Use stairs in every day routine at your office premises if possible. Don’t just land in front of the shopping complex. Park your car in the parking area and take a walk to the main shopping area.

Don’t keep sitting on your butt and honking at the gate of your society flat, get out of the car and open the gate if there is nobody to help you!

You have to tell your body that physical activity is a part of your daily life.


Research says that it takes almost 21 days to bring change in your schedule or lifestyle. It takes 90 days to see the results if you follow any health tips consistently.

I have shared these tips to get healthy skin based on the experiences of my friends and clients. They have got the remarkable changes by following these.

They get great photos every time. Once you have a balanced lifestyle, your friends will be noticing the better changes in your skin and health.

You have to follow the most out of them to see the better results and make it a part of your lifestyle for a whole life.

Don’t overuse it! If you have some disease then you must consult your nutritionist before following these tips to get healthy skin.  

Siddharth Malkania

Siddharth Malkania is a journalism graduate from Indian Institute of Mass Communication. Having worked as a photojournalist for two years, he traveled to Tokyo, Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam to brush up his skills of photography. Currently, He is a professional photographer based in New Delhi, India.

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