10 Quotes To Improve Photography

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Insightful Quotes By Great Photographers:

Whether you are just a starter or a professional photographer, you will always love these photography quotes.

These quotes are from great photographers like Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa, and Diane Arbus etc.

Thay are the masters of the photography. Every photographer is supposed to know about them and their art.

1. Respect Your Subject:

It gives the real meaning to the photo. Every photographer is supposed to respect the space of its subject. The more you can connect to your subject, the more you are able to create great photos.

Next time, you move in closer to your subject, don’t poke your camera into their face.

photography quotes

2. Get Closer To Your Subject:

Well this quote is very deep. The more you get closer to your subject, the more you capture the real emotions. You are engrossed with your subject or theme.

Mounting a zoom lens can create nice defocused/blurred background. But it loses the feel around the subject as it forces you to be away from your subject.

Next time, give yourself a thought before making photos as per your requirements.

photography quotes

3. Balance Your Theme And Subject:

Work on your subject and theme. If you truly love or hate your theme, you must have in-depth idea about it. You have been thinking about it for so long that you really make a story out of it.

photography quotes

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4. Camera Is Your Best Tool:

Andre Kertesz has produced great artistic images. Every photographer must see his work. Camera is just a tool or medium for a photographer.

It helps to show meaning in the stuff which we see around us in daily life. It is always said that everything exists for a reason. Pick up your tool and reveal the reason behind everything.

photography quotes

5. Put Your Emotions:

An artist puts all his emotions or lessons into its work. These emotions and lessons are built up little by little.

The way you learn to see the life; the kind of books you read and augment your knowledge; the inspiration you seek from other photographers, and soothe yourself by listening music of your choice.

These things help to think, create and execute!

photography quotes

6. Photographer Is The Real Instrument:

It is not the camera which creates the magic, it is the person behind the camera. It does not matter what kind of a gadget a photographer possesses.

The most important instrument is the photographer which creates the images. If you have small digital camera or a cropped DSLR, don’t get disappointed! Go and capture what attracts you!

photography quotes

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7. Balanced Light:

Light is the most important factor to make stunning images. You must learn to expose your images with proper light. All the great photographers know how to get correct exposure.

You learn it by making photos day in and day out. Keep photographing and have a strong eye over the exposure in your camera.

photography quotes

8. Have Patience:

The great photos are made with the skill of patience. A photographer can’t anticipate the moment always. You have to be keen observer and keep an eye over your subject.

You never know what candid moment is going to take place. Photographers constantly wait for right moment to expose it.


9. Find Yourself In Your Work:

Camera is a fantastic tool to show your emotions. A photographer documents himself in every image he/she creates.

You must understand yourself first. What kind of a person you are? What attracts you? You express yourself in every photograph.


10. Love What You Do, Do What You love:

Art is hard. You must clear the trash of your mind. Being a photographer, you can choose not to fall into too much technicalities of the camera.

Learn the basics and fall in love with the art of photography. Unless you love what you do, you will get bored or frustrated.

Once you love what you do, you are no more a chair-warmer or a clock-watcher. You keep thinking about it all the time which leads you to the passion of creation.

photography quotes

Siddharth Malkania

Siddharth Malkania is a journalism graduate from Indian Institute of Mass Communication. Having worked as a photojournalist for two years, he traveled to Tokyo, Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam to brush up his skills of photography. Currently, He is a professional photographer based in New Delhi, India.

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