10 Most Beautiful Villages In The World

10 Beautiful Villages In The World To Make Great Photos.

You find beautiful scenes while spending time in some villages and make photos at the same time. Of Course! Life in the villages does not run as fast it runs in metro cities. Sometimes, you feel that you should just go away from city life and land somewhere in a village to get the view of starry nights and beautiful sun set. Just imagine, you are there in some of the villages which is considered to be the 10 most beautiful villages in the world, what would you feel then?

1. A Beautiful village in Tibet, Himalayan Range, India


Photo by: Coolbie Re

2. Gásadalur village in Faroe Islands. It is said that there were only sixteen people who were living in this village.

Photo by: Gareth Codd

3. Hobittion Vilalge in New Zealand. The Movie ‘Lord Of The Rings’ was shot here!

Photo by: Weta Workshop

4. Mountain Village, Mesuleh in Iran.

beautiful villages in the world
Photo by: Mohammadreza Momeni

5. Popeye’s Village located on the north-west corner of the Mediterranean island of Malta.

most beautiful villages
Photo Source: Pinterest

6. A village on the Niger River, Mali.

most beautiful villages
Photo by: Yann Arthus-Bertrand

7. A Beautiful Hidden Mountain Village in China.

beautiful villages
Photo by: Christian Ortiz

8. Shirakawa-go Village in Japan.

beautiful villages in the world
Photo by: Agustin Rafael Reyes

9. Bibury Village in England.

most beautiful villages in the world
Photo by: Karen Roe

10. A African Seaside Village.

beautiful villages in the world
Photo by: Michael Poliza

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