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What Is A Pre Wedding Photography?

What is a pre wedding photography? How it has evolved in Indian wedding industry? It is an engagement session prior to couple of months from wedding day. It has been a common add-on service to the wedding package.

Photographers in the West sign a formal contract with couples for the wedding photography. It benefits both the party. The contract helps to understand what is going to be offered on what timeline. Couples get the opportunity to know the professionalism of the photographers through this engagement session. This session also helps the photographers to build a rapport with their clients. Photographers also get the idea of knowing the best profile view of the couples. Engagement session supports the photographers to produce better results on wedding day. In case, the couple does not like the working style of the photographer on engagement session, they can revoke the contract.

How Pre-wedding photography has taken shape in India?

India has diversity in its culture, traditions, food habits, attire, languages, dialects, scripts, behavior, religion and caste. Indian weddings are huge affair. 100-200 guests are a common sight in North Indian weddings. A concept of arranged marriage does not exist in the West. It is still a common practice in India. In arranged marriages, Couples do not get the opportunity for knowing one another before wedding. They also get acquainted with their photographer only on final day.

In Urban areas, internet has exposed the young generation to the ideas of West.  Couples adopted this idea of engagement session from there. Photographers also started selling this idea to the couples. But, we have a day already dedicated to Ring/Engagement ceremony in Indian weddings. To avoid the confusion, the new term as pre-wedding shoot evolved through the idea from West.

Impact of Bollywood On Indian Weddings:

Bollywood songs has always been a part of Indian Weddings. It brings the dramatic and sentimental touch to the families. Bollywood themes are a bank of Ideas for indian weddings. Banno Teri Akhiyan Surme Daani and Babul Ki Duayen Leti Ja are still the hit and iconic song. Couples draw the fashion inspirations too from Bollywood movies. These fashion trends and songs help the couples to execute their story through pre-wedding shoot.

ye jawani hai deewani still

Mehendi scene from ‘Ye Jawani Hai Deewani’ Movie

Every individual is different and has its own unique story. Two different individual imagine to have the best companionship. It is difficult to get a personal photo shoot on wedding day among hundreds of guests. Couples want a personal space to get photographed their feeling. The idea of Pre-wedding photography has served this purpose. Once you understand the whole concept of pre wedding photography, read about the tips for booking pre wedding locations here!


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