wedding photography tips for saving money

Wedding Photography Tips for Saving Money

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Your wedding is a day when there is no limit to spend money for you and your family. Why Not! It is the most happiest and much awaited day of your life.

Ranging from wedding planners and caterers to photographers, everything is expensive. Whatever the budget you fix, it seems less. Thus, You start thinking about saving money on several occasions.

Most of us have learnt the tips from our Grandma or Mother for saving money on many stuffs. But what about photography?

Wedding photography is emerging in India with the growth of 20-25% every year. I already told you the tips for hiring a candid wedding photographer in my last write-up. Let’s talk about wedding photography tips for saving money on your wedding day!

The moment you try to hire wedding photographers, everyone seems expensive and you try to find the cheap one.

But as they say, “Cheap does not mean good and good does not mean cheap always.” Why wedding photographers are so much expensive to hire?

In almost every wedding the photographers spend 55-60 hours. Most of the full time wedding photographers carry the camera kit of worth thousand dollars and it is just a tip of the iceberg.

If you are really thinking to cut off money over your wedding then it should not be the wedding photography. You must invest in the photographer and you will really get your money’s worth. Read these wedding photography tips for saving money and get most out of it.

1. Find wedding photographers over online directory pages:

If you google the candid wedding photographer, you will find certain links appearing on every search engine. In today’s world, everything is market oriented.

The more advertisers pay to google or Facebook or Twitter, the more their advertisements will flicker across your profile or browsing pages.

You get the opportunity to see only 10 results over first page of search engines. You hardly scroll through the second or third page of google.

Sometimes, you like the work of the photographers which appears in the first page of the google but they are pre-booked. Sometimes, their quotes do not go with your budget.

In this case, You can google for some companies which offer complete list of vendors. The most sought after online portals are sayshaadishaadisagawedmegood, weddingplz

These online platforms give you the opportunity to find out the photographers with in your city under one roof. All the relevant information is given including price, services and experience by showcasing the work of the photographers.

Some of these listing pages claim that they have more than thousands of photographers listed on their platform. I am not sure to what extent it is true. Yes! It can help to zero in on the photographers within your budget.

2. Don’t reduce your wedding coverage:

I get emails to know about my prices and services. Many times, my client usually say “what if you only cover our wedding day?” or “we have only 4 Hour of function so can you please…?”

It is not a business meeting or product launching which is to be done with in 4 Hour. It is a wedding day! What if there are great moments to be occurred next to the 4 Hour?

Your wedding is a continuous link of a chain. Some of your friends do not come early to attend your event. Your friends might have stuck somewhere in organizing your special day.

The most close friends are busy with your wedding till the eleventh hour. So reducing your coverage means you are cutting off the moments and the indulgence of your special friends and relatives.

A photographer can only make a scene-selection and create some stunning shots by merging its subject and scene together.

But he/she cannot anticipate that what moment is going to take place in the next few minutes. Photographers develop their ‘eye for a shot’ putting incessant efforts into it.

wedding photography tips for saving money

Siddharth Malkania Photography

Instead of reducing the coverage, you can request your photographer, if he/she can shoot your wedding without assistant. Some photographers are good at shooting with natural light. Some are good at studio light.

Ask your photographer whether he/she can shoot without extra light. You can have a talk with your event planner to arrange better light in the shooting area.

Most of the time, I shoot with available lights and if there is the better light arrangements then it enhances the quality of the shots. Carrying no extra light really saves money from the end of the photographer also.

If the photographer is comfortable to shoot without any assistant or external lights, he/she may not have any problem to lower the quote for your wedding photography.

3. Design your own wedding album:

As I said, invest in the photographer not in the wedding album packages. Your wedding album is the product which is designed at the later stage.

Photographers create stunning images at the initial stage and your half work is done. Wedding industry in India is so huge that it is almost difficult to provide all the solutions under one roof.

Some are best at printing technology, some are best at making photos, some are great at decorations and planning your event.

The way you outsource different services, in the same way, even the full time photographers outsource the printing technology. The printing technology needs four times investment in relation to photography.

One can ride in a one boat at one time. Yes! The aesthetic sense of the photographers is developed by working all day round the year. But it does not mean your aesthetic sense is also not good enough.

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You may ask your photographer whether he/she can agree to shoot your wedding without album packages. If you don’t buy wedding album packages, it saves your money.

You can design your own wedding album. It seems a weird thought. You get some, you lose some. You can save good amount of money by designing your own album.

Request your photographer to retouch your photographs perfectly. Make sure, your photographer will provide you the processed JPEG format file. Don’t forget! Such ready to print digital photographs must be in high resolution.

Your next step is to sign up an account at photojaanic or zoomin. There are more online web solutions for designing your own canvas, album, calendars, coffee mugs.

Once you create an account over these platforms, you can choose the default layouts of your album. There are several cool layouts for designing albums.

Once you are done with designing, you can place your final order then and there. They also give some good discounts time to time and deliver your album at your doorstep.


Photojaanic is a partner site supports of Snapfish in India. Sadly, Snapfish has discontinued its direct services from India.

Photojaanic offers services like Wedding Photo books, Photo calendars, Posters, Photo gifts etc. You can see here the entire list of its products and pricing.

When you select a size of your album, I would suggest you not to go for a square size like 12×12 inches. If you don’t know the cropping rules, It may ruin your photos.

You can go for a 12×18 inches size or any size in a rectangular shape. You just have to upload photos and rest they will do it for you.

Their professional designer will make better changes like color correction, cropping and layout designing to look your album cool.

You will get your first sample design in 48 hours as they claim it. Shipping and handling charges are paid separately.

You must read their refund and cancellation policy in case you want to cancel your order once it is placed.

wedding photography tips for saving money

Photojaanic Album Design


Zoomin is an Indian company which provides the online photo services. You can store unlimited photos there. They also claim that if you are not happy with the orders, they re-print it.

You must read their return policy. The best part of their services is that they do have COD (Cash On Delivery) option. They also have the pricing list online.

Here is the complete list of their photo books and themes. You can check their help page which covers the broader perspective of your queries.

wedding photography tips for saving money

Zoomin Photo Album Layout


Though, no idea is a perfect idea yet you can extend it to make it better. If you find these wedding photography tips for saving money helpful, do let us know!

If you have saved your money from different ideas, Please drop your ideas in the comment box and help other readers too. I would really appreciate your efforts.

Siddharth Malkania

Siddharth Malkania is a journalism graduate from Indian Institute of Mass Communication. Having worked as a photojournalist for two years, he traveled to Tokyo, Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam to brush up his skills of photography. Currently, He is a professional photographer based in New Delhi, India.

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