jaago ceremony

Indian Wedding : Jaago Ceremony

Jaago Ceremony: A Wake-up Call

Utkarsh was going to tie the knot with Sukriti. It was the day of Jaago ceremony before his wedding when I started my assignment.  In Indian Wedding Jaago means Wake Up! Jaago ceremony is kind of a wake up call to the neighbors about a wedding. It takes place a day or two day before the wedding during late in the evening and esp. performed by the women. The house is decked up, women are dressed up beautifully, sing Boliyan, dance in a group and carry a decorated earthen pot on the head. They pay a visit to the neighbors, exchange greetings, offer sweets and give them a warm hug just to let them know that “Be Ready! Wedding is going to take place soon.”

All these ceremonies are part of the Indian civilization. As there is a diversity in the Indian Culture, the Indian weddings are solemnized by different ceremonies. “I was not aware of all such ceremonies before…Whenever I attended the weddings, I was always busy in having drinks with all hoopla whoopla. I never noticed closely how these ceremonies are performed? Once you get married, you get to know all these. I have just one thing in my mind now, all the ceremonies should be performed well” Utkarsh Said.

I photographed the entire ceremony. I tried to find the relevance of this ceremony from my understanding. Just imagine! Years back, Jaago ceremony is performed and entire town is celebrating with the Bridegroom’s family. Isn’t it great?  This is how it has been passed on to a next generation.

Whosoever had given the reasons to create Jaago ceremony, such person might have kept one thing in a mind and i.e. “happiness is not something which is found in a golden pot. It lies in the actions. The level of its sweetness goes up once you share it!” Jaago ceremony makes you to think outwards and share your happiness with others. The moment Bridegroom’s family give a wake up call and entertains the neighbors it strengthens the social responsibility and social courage by surrendering the reasons of living for yourself only.

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jaago ceremony

jaago ceremony

indian wedding, jaago ceremony


indian wedding, jaago ceremony



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