Common Mistake In Indian Wedding Themes

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RGB color correction is difficult to fix even if your photographer shoots on RAW format. No matter, any kind of expensive full frame camera body he/she owns.

You are in love with great wedding photos over social networks. And you also have high hopes for getting such wow images from your special days. Wedding themes are the source of energy in the ambiance.

It creates a vibrant look and gives a happy high to the guests. But, photographic aspect is brushed aside while setting up a wedding theme. Service providers are in a habit of saying a big Yes to every query.

Of course! Nobody wants to lose the client at the first hand. And It is easy to say Yes. People find it difficult to say No because they avoid confrontations.

In the end, they end up promising for the things which they can’t do.

common mistake in indian wedding themes

This Photograph was made in ambient light!


Today’s wedding themes are a big-time headache for Indian wedding photographers. Couples spend a fortune and time over wedding themes.

The event planner is best at planning the event and photographer is best at making photos. Both are master in their individual field and work.

The right balance between an event planner and photographer is much needed. There is one common mistake in Indian wedding themes. The right kind of color balance is avoided.

1. Choosing Wedding Theme Based On RGB Color Is A Common Mistake:

Every single person at your event contributes a bit of himself/herself on your special days. The event manager or the photographer also has to shoulder this responsibility.

Right wedding themes or colors enhance the essence of every moment. The energetic ambiance helps the photographers to create wow images.

What if! It turns opposite. RGB based wedding theme is one major reason which causes trouble to capture candid moments.

common mistake in indian wedding themes

Red LED effects have taken away the natural skin tone!

Light is a strength of a any photographer. Wedding themes Based on RGB (Red, Green & Blue) is messing up with the creative ideas of the photographers.

A digital camera develops a color photo with the help of RGB. Setting up wedding themes based on RGB is a common practice in almost every third wedding in India.

The chances get higher that your skin tone is not going to look real. Even if, you spend heavy time at the workplace of a famous make-up artist. But make-up artist’s efforts may go in vain.

common mistake in indian wedding themes

Aashmeen Munjaal’s Star Salon

2. RGB Based Wedding Theme Kills Natural Skin Tone:

Probably, your skin tone is going to be dark blue or red or magenta affected by RGB wedding color theme. No photographer can enhance the technical limitations of the camera.

Your photographer doesn’t have magic wand but yes he/she must have a photoshop. I am not talking about the photoshopped images here, If one is happy with them.

common mistake in indian wedding themes

Blue LEDs installed in this wedding theme have ruined the shot! 

Editor can fix this skin tone which gives a plastic surgery effect sometime. They end up making further adjustments during post-processing. But you wanted to look real, right?

If any of the prime color (Red, Green, Blue) is taken away in post processing then It is a flat photo having no emotions in it.

RGB color correction is difficult to fix even if your photographer shoots on RAW format. No matter, any kind of expensive full frame camera body he/she owns.

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3. Poor Lighting In Indian Weddings:

Weddings in India happen during the night. But why you see daylight shots more on photographer’s portfolios? Light and shadow is the law of nature.

Where there is a light, there must be a shadow. But the lighting aspects, in the context of photography, are overlooked in indian weddings.

May be, photographers are afraid to concede this point to you. Light up your wedding venue properly and you will surely have great memorable images in the night also.

common mistake in indian wedding themes

Diffusing yellow light effect and right skin tone!


The suitable color theme is one with the effect of diffusing yellow or peach effect. Which you see at famous monuments also around the world.

I know, you want your color theme to be gorgeous or sparkling! Your wedding theme is always a background not a foreground.

If the people at the foreground is to be focused and photographed then the strongly lit up RGB color background can ruin photos.

Your family and friends should look gorgeous in your wedding album at first hand!

If your photographer shoot on mounted flash, somehow, he/she can bring solution to some extent! But, You wanted candid shots! And mounted flash disturbs the subjects. Style of photographer matters and that’s your call to choose for your wedding.
Photographer can use color filters to cut off the particular color. But how many times the filter is to be mounted or unmounted?
(We are open to suggestions! I look forward to receiving your comments in the box below).

Siddharth Malkania

Siddharth Malkania is a journalism graduate from Indian Institute of Mass Communication. Having worked as a photojournalist for two years, he traveled to Tokyo, Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam to brush up his skills of photography. Currently, He is a professional photographer based in New Delhi, India.

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