Siddharth Malkania is a professional photographer based in Delhi.  A journalism graduate and professionally trained from Indian Institute of Mass Communication; Law graduate from Campus Law Centre, Delhi University. An avid traveller, his passion for photography takes him to amazing places. He is into photography since 2008. Having worked on photo assignments with The Pioneer, All India Radio, Headlines Today, Lok Shabha TV, (A defense News Portal) and as a photojournalist, he travelled to Tokyo and brushed up his skills of photography there.

He loves to experiment with the medium and never does photoshop manipulation with his work. He knows his camera at best and controls it in his style. He has a special taste for telling stories through his photographs. His style is best described as emotional, atmospheric and nostalgic. Each time he picks up the camera, it points outwards but looks inwards. He documents himself in every image he creates; the outer vista serves as a conduit for inner expression.