funny rituals of weddings

10 Funny Rituals of Weddings In The World

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Funny And Craziest Rituals Of Weddings

The rituals and ceremonies are integral part of weddings. These funny rituals of weddings bring happiness, fun, tears and smile on your face.

It is not only India which offers crazy rituals and ceremonies like ‘joota chori rashm’ but there are also more countries around the world. Let’s see at the list of some rituals which makes wedding crazy and funny.

1. Crying Ritual Before Wedding In China

The brides of the central China region start crying before their wedding ceremonies. Interestingly, the crying ceremony goes up to one month from three days!

funny rituals of weddings

2. Bridal Ransom In Russia

The Groom reaches the place of his would be bride and requests the dearest to see her. As per the wedding tradition, the bride’s family and her friends asks for gifts, money.

And groom is supposed to make some movements, resolve riddles and perform other hilarious activities. If groom wins, he will be permitted to see his bride! A cute ritual to make your bride feel special!

funny rituals of weddings

3. Marrying To A Tree In India

Yes! It does take place in some parts of India. A person who is born Manglik (an astrological combination when Mars and Saturn are both under the 7th house).

(S)he is cursed by planets and thought to be likely to affect their partner in the result of early death or sickness or bad health conditions.

In order to evade this, the Manglik person marries to a free so that the bad omen or negative effects can be transferred to it.

funny rituals of weddings 1

4. Blackening The Bride In Scotland

The friends and the relatives of a bride collect all the weird stuffs like dead fish, spoiled food, curdled milk, tar, different sauces, mud, flour into one bucket and throw it over a bride.

It is symbolic in the sense that if bride can handle this, she can handle every situation in married life. Ahan! A great way to check your tolerance!


5. Shoe Thieves In India

The girls from the bride’s side keenly wait for this moment when Groom approaches towards the final rituals of the ceremony. He has to take off his shoes before these rituals.

The shoes of the Groom is supposed to be protected by the Groom’s side of the friends and relatives. At the same time, the friends and relatives from the Bride’s side has been assigned a duty to steal the shoes.

As soon as the Groom takes off his shoes the tug of war begins.

funny rituals of weddings

 6. Kidnapping The Bride In Romania

The bride is taken away from the Groom under his nose and all the guests during the wedding party when it is in full swing.

It is a common sight in the Romania during wedding. If you need the Bride, Pay the Ransom in terms of few bottles of whisky or Groom has to perform some activities in public.

Yes! Kidnappers negotiate by phone!

funny rituals of weddings

7. Money Dance In Poland

Guests have to buy dances with the bride and the collection of money goes to the couple’s honeymoon!


8. Groom’s Feet Is Beaten Up In Korea

The friends and relatives of the Groom beats the feet of the Groom with the cane on the wedding day to make sure that he won’t disappoint on his wedding night.

funny rituals of weddings

9. Sake Sharing In Japan

Sake is most loved drink made of Rice in Japan. The couple takes three sips from each sake-cup after that their parents also do the same for the strong bonding of the families.


    Image Source: cr-bridal

10. Releasing The Doves In Philippines

The couple releases two doves into the air by making a wish of long, peaceful and harmonious life together. Doves must be blessing the couples too!


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